Saturday, 21 January 2012

How busy can a week be!!!!

It's quite astounding really, and I don't have the additional work created by having children as well! All my friends who have children tell me they don't have any free time, which worries me as I don't have any now, so what will it be like if I had children!!!

To be honest, it didn't really start as a good week anyway, as on the way home from work on Monday, I had a small misfortune, resulting in me having a knee the size of Jupiter, and looking just as colourful as well. It hasn't completely gone down yet, which is why I have chance to write this, as OH says I should be resting it. It hasn't stopped him mocking me all week for not being able to stay upright though!

So after my little trip, I went in to work early every day, as walking to work just wasn't going to happen - lots of overtime, but still, it's work right? I've found that while I love working in IT, it renders me pretty useless in the evenings - I'm no longer able to sit in front of the computer when I get home and spend hours looking at websites or reading what's out there in web-land. It's a sad state of affairs - I'm even writing this blog post on my iPhone!!!

So I'm sitting here, with my leg up on the sofa, thinking about what I have managed to get done this week, and what I might do this afternoon. There'll be no surprise that either of these involve jewellery! Here's a piece I made this week from shell beads and mystic smoky quartz. I'm off to make something with jasper which I'll post soon. Have a nice weekend!


Anesha said...

Hope your knee gets better soon. Love set of jewellery.

Rumtruffle said...

This is fab Lea x